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According to the EPA, a hazard is a potential source of harm, and risk is the probability of adverse effects resulting from exposure to an environmental agent or mixture of agents.

Risk assessment is the evaluation of scientific information on the hazardous properties of environmental agents, the dose-response relationship, and the extent of human exposure to those agents, culminating in a statement regarding the probability that populations or individuals so exposed will be harmed and to what degree.

(U.S. EPA: IRIS - Integrated Risk Information System)

Who Needs Risk Assessment?

Simply put, the greater the risk, the more likely the hazard will cause harm. (DiNardi, S.R. 1997. The Occupational Environment – Its Evaluation and Control. American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA): Fairfax, Virginia.) So quantifying risk is absolutely essential to managing potentially hazardous sites and processes.

If you own or contemplate owning a site or facility that carries potential hazardous exposures to the workforce, environment or surrounding populations, risk assessment modeling is a vital tool for

The Risk Assessment Process

Hazard Characterization & Dose-Response Assessment

Exposure Assessment

Risk Characterization

Our Experience

Environmental Profiles risk assessment professionals are experienced in:

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