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Health & Safety Program Development

Grease-covered handsThere may be no greater challenge to a business than complying with federal and state workplace regulations. OSHA's regulations alone include over 1500 pages of fine print likely to overwhelm the average business owner, and challenging for even experienced health and safety professionals to use. Add the constantly changing state regulations and evolving guidelines from sources like NIOSH, and you have a dangerous minefield for the unwary business owner.

Just as a qualified, up-to-date accountant is indispensable to complying with tax regulations, a knowledgeable, practical health & safety team is indispensable to navigating today's workplace safety maze.

A health and safety program needs to address these regulatory elements:

As an option, you may want to include other elements such as:

Whatever your decision, our goal is to fit the program to your needs. This means the full range of EHS services is available, but you won't have to pay for services you don't require.

Environmental Profiles' team of certified safety professionals and certified industrial hygienists take great satisfaction from helping business owners comply with often-confusing governmental regulations, while creating safer and healthier workplaces for employees. And we do it with an eye toward practical, cost-effective solutions. We will provide you with a road map to the security that comes from knowing you have done all you can as a responsible business owner, both to meet regulatory obligations and to provide a healthy and safe workplace.

Developing a health and safety program can include up to 4 steps:


Consultation on work siteWe will undertake a workplace analysis to identify potential health and safety issues. No two workplaces are exactly alike: the copy shop and the aircraft engine manufacturer each presents real health and safety challenges, though they are worlds apart. A nuclear research facility, a medical lab, a shipyard and a machine shop represent different challenges. Environmental Profiles has developed effective programs for all of them.

When we evaluate, our goal is to learn as much as possible about how your business works. That means listening, a skill we pride ourselves on.


Based on the worksite analysis and any hazards identified, Environmental Profiles' professionals will assemble recommendations and develop a program to fit your needs. This can include an actual written program or a policy & procedures manual for employees. Implementation is always a major consideration in our program design.

Some solutions are relatively simple. For example, did you know that OSHA cites hazard communication in the workplace as the Number One workplace violation each year? Through proper labeling and MSDS maintenance, this common violation can be avoided at relatively low cost to the business owner. Yet each year thousands of businesses pay the price of not meeting the requirements, often because they are unaware of them.

The program we design for you will address these obvious--as well as many not-so-obvious--pitfalls of the modern workplace.


Air respiratorIf you choose, we can implement the program we've designed for you. This can include worker training, communication, label and warning development, hazard removal, and more.


Once your health and safety program is implemented, Environmental Profiles can return to conduct detailed evaluations of the program in practice.


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