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Phase II Assessments

Monitoring at excavation siteWhen a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) indicates the presence of an environmental hazard, a Phase II ESA is undertaken to present a clearer picture of the hazard and its associated risk and liability. A more intrusive process than the Phase I ESA, samples may be taken of subsurface soil, groundwater & wells, surface water, lead paint & asbestos, to name only a few. Depending on the nature and degree of hazard suspected, the process can range from collecting and analyzing a relatively few samples to employing complex sampling protocols. Sophisticated equipment and protocols demand that this work be performed by experienced professionals, and sampling results are analyzed by independent laboratories, maintaining a complete chain of custody for all samples.

There is no room for doubt in eliminating environmental hazards, so every Environmental Profiles' Phase II ESA team member is certified to perform Phase II ESAs.

For more information about conducting a Phase II ESA, contact at (410) 740-9600.

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