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Phase I Assessments

Polluted pondOne of the most critical risks to a purchaser in a real estate transaction is the potential responsibility for environmental hazards associated with the property. Fixing these problems can be notoriously costly—in many cases they can amount to more than the cost of the property. There is no more important step in the transaction than uncovering environmental problems, many of which are impossible or impractical for the layperson to detect.

A Phase I environmental site assessment (ESA) looks for potential environmental hazards, including lead-based paint, asbestos, radon, chemical seepage and others. Because the liability for environmental cleanups is the owner's, it is crucial to know about these problems before a transaction is completed.

Not only is there a risk of financial responsibility, but federal and state agencies and private lenders generally require a qualified assessment to determine the presence or imminent risk of environmental hazards. For that reason, they are a necessary part of most real estate loan packages.

Naturally, Environmental Profiles Phase I ESAs are performed in strict accordance with current ASTM standards.

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