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Expertise is only meaningful when it is effectively communicated. Environmental Profiles professionals provide meaningful presentations and training courses to professionals, managers and the general public in virtually all areas of health, safety and environmental management and risk communication.


Abstracts of a representative sample of presentations given to professional organizations by Environmental Profiles' staff members.




Sarah Canter & John W. Spencer, CIH
Ammonia Exposures During Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage from a Coal Mine with Anhydrous Ammonia
Cleo Thomas & Leonard G. Burrelli
Asbestos Crane Friction Debris Study - AIHce 2010
Leonard G. Burrelli & John W. Spencer, CIH
Comparison of Direct and Indirect Sample Preparation Methods for Asbestos Analysis
Leonard G. Burrelli & John W. Spencer, CIH
Evaluation of Benzene and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Exposures on an Oil Platform in the Gulf of Mexico
Leonard G. Burrelli, MS, John W. Spencer, CIH & Marc J. Plisko, CIH
Exposure Assessment: An Evaluation of Benzene from the Application and Use of Spiked Penetrating Solvents
Marc J. Plisko, CIH & John Spencer, CIH

Evaluation of a Direct-Sampling Instrument for Detecting Benzene in a Mixed-Hydrocarbon Environment

Amanda Bilenki
Dental Technician Exposure to Beryllium using Dental Casting Alloys - AIHce 2010
John W. Spencer, CIH
An Example of a Quantitative/Environmental Exposure Database
Marc J. Plisko, CIH
TWA or STEL? A Measurement Strategy for Determining VOC Exposure during use of a Mixed-hydrocarbon Solvent - AIHce 2010
Marc J. Plisko, CIH & John W. Spencer, CIH
Using a Physical-Chemical Mathematical Exposure Model for Determination of Occupational Exposure
Artificial Reefing
Marc J. Plisko, CIH & John W. Spencer, CIH
Preparation of Decommissioned Ships for Use as Artificial Marine Habitats
Sarah Canter & John W. Spencer, CIH
Airborne Concentrations of Petroleum-Based Solvent Components During Parts Washing Operations
Sarah Canter
Evaluation of Chemical Exposures In Mammography X-Ray Development
Welding Rods
Leonard G. Burrelli and John W. Spencer, CIH

Determination of Particle Size Distribution from Welding Rod Flux Handling

Training Courses

Environmental Profiles has provided auditing and assessment training for corporate and governmental expert auditors.

HSE professionals and computer programmers provide complete software training for software products we use and recommend, including internet-based audit software and IH database management software.

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