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Industrial Hygiene Services

According to the American Industrial Hygiene Association, industrial hygiene is not only a "science," but also an art that involves judgment, creativity and human interaction.

As industrial hygienists, our goal at Environmental Profiles is to keep your workers, their families, and the community healthy and safe and ensure that federal, state, and local laws and regulations are followed in the work environment. The term "industrial hygienist" can seem misleading—hazards to worker safety are found virtually everywhere. "Industrial hygiene" is just as important in offices, malls, laboratories, hospitals and farms as it is in warehouses, factories and construction sites.

Our major roles include:

Air Monitoring

Air monitoring is frequently used to detect the presence of hazardous agents in the workplace. Environmental Profiles' industrial hygienists are experienced in using virtually all types of monitoring equipment and are thoroughly familiar with the OSHA & NIOSH protocols for collecting samples. But the job isn't complete once samples are collected—you can be confident that our analysis of results will be timely, accurate and reliable. We can conduct monitoring at the work site in virtually any conditions, as well as replicating exposures in the controlled environment of our fully equipped isolation room.

IH Modeling

IH modeling is a cost-effective procedure that uses mathematical constructs to assess air concentrations of airborne chemicals in the workplace or environment. IH modeling is especially useful in retrospectively evaluating past conditions that no longer exist or for prospectively evaluating planned facilities, since in both these cases actual site sampling may not be possible or practical. It can also be used to minimize more costly site sampling, or be performed in combination with site sampling to validate the modeling.

Our industrial hygienists gather site-specific data, such as room size, ventilation, chemicals & products used, duration & frequency of use, etc. Sophisticated mathematical models are then applied to arrive at a reliable estimate of any resulting hazardous exposure.

Because of its usefulness in the planning stages of industrial production, IH modeling is a key component of Environmental Profiles' extensive Product Stewardship capabilities.

For more information about our IH modeling capabilities and experience, contact or at (410) 740-9600.



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