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Environmental Profiles has met the challenges of today's vast streams of paperwork by developing world-class software tools. ResourceStream™ is a highly adaptable multimedia library management tool to fit a wide variety of businesses. IH Reports™ is a software tool designed by and for industrial hygienists.


ResourceStream™ is a service that transforms mountains of stored documents into instantly web-accessible information. ResourceStream™ is

Because ResourceStream™ is a service, there is no expensive hardware or software to buy or maintain. Your documents are scanned, compressed, indexed and made accessible via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Materials that can be incorporated into your customized ResourceStream™ solution include:

What Does ResourceStream™ Include?


To learn more about ResourceStream™, contact at (410) 740-9600.

IH Reports™

Analyze, store, and report your industrial hygiene data… from a single integrated software program. If you manage industrial hygiene data, IH Reports™ is the perfect tool, developed by IH professionals for IH professionals.

IH Reports™ is the newest release of our powerful software tool for effectively managing industrial hygiene data and quickly and accurately generating reports. Available in standalone or client-server versions, this Windows™ based tool will search and sort any data, record types of exposures, and maintain & manage work areas, personnel lists & equipment lists. You can select equipment as well as analytical methods from built-in, customizable picklists. Conduct sampling and maintain all of your monitoring results in a single program, no matter how large or small your organization.

See how easily IH Reports™ can generate reports based on:

Industrial hygiene data is stored according to:

Easily manage:

Use the power of a relational database to search and sort information by:

Manage exposure monitoring:

To learn more about IH Reports™, contact at (410) 740-9600.


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