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Program Audits & Facility Inspections

A health and safety audit is an independent evaluation of your health & safety programs and facilities. Your programs and facilities are compared to recognized industry standards and evaluated using comprehensive protocols. An up-to-date program audit is mandatory in many industries, demonstrating compliance with governmental regulations and national/international standards.

The audit identifies program strengths as well as areas needing improvement. It may also recommend steps for the client to take in order to eliminate deficiencies and improve the program. An audit is frequently the first step in developing an effective health and safety program.

Audits are a critical feature of an effective health and safety program, ensuring regular monitoring and continuous improvement. In addition to precisely indicating areas in need of improvement, an audit has the positive benefit of singling out existing areas of quality performance. The audit process often enhances communication between workers, supervisors and managers and serve as proof of management's commitment to worker health and workplace safety.

For more information on Environmental Profiles' audit & inspection capabilities, contact or at (410) 740-9600.

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